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It’s time again for another Unanchor Kindle Travel Guide 2-day sale! Starting today (12/13) through Friday (12/14), we have over 70 Unanchor Amazon Kindle travel guides available for FREE. See below for all of the links.

What is an Unanchor Travel Guide Itinerary?

  • A self-guided tour itinerary is a logical list of prioritized sights and attractions with detailed directions & maps.

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I have a big favor to ask you. These guides take hours to write, create and update. Normally, they cost anywhere from $5 to $10, but today they’re free!

If you download a guide, can you leave us a review? Email us at feedback@unanchor.com or leave a review directly on Amazon. Reviews are tremendously helpful to the writers & to us, allowing us to continuously improve each guide. Thanks!

Get Yours FREE on Amazon

Starting right now and through midnight Pacific time on Friday (12/14) you can download all of our Amazon Kindle itineraries for FREE! Head on over to Amazon and download your guides now. Don’t forget to share & tweet this with your friends! Here is what’s available:

  1. Amsterdam Travel Guide – Amsterdam Made Easy: A 3-Day Guide
  2. Amsterdam Travel Guide – 3 Day Itinerary: Not just the Red Light District
  3. Athens Travel Guide – 3-Day Highlights Tour Itinerary
  4. Atlanta Travel Guide – 3 Day Highlights Itinerary
  5. Bainbridge Island Travel Guide – A Day on Bainbridge Island
  6. Bangkok Travel Guide – The Ins and Outs of Bangkok – 3 Day Itinerary
  7. Barcelona Travel Guide – 3-Day Highlights of Barcelona
  8. Bath Travel Guide: An Exploring Guide – 2-Day Itinerary
  9. Beijing Travel Guide – 3 Day Must Sees, Must Dos, Must Eats
  10. Berlin Travel Guide – A 3-Day Guide
  11. Buenos Aires Travel Guide – Best Kept Secrets: 2-Day Itinerary
  12. Buenos Aires Travel Guide – Insider’s Guide to the Best of Buenos Aires in 3-Days
  13. Chicago Travel Guide – 3-Day Highlights Itinerary
  14. Chicago Travel Guide – Food, Art and Funky Neighborhoods in 3 Days
  15. Chicago Travel Guide – Famous Art & Outstanding Restaurants in Chicago 1-Day Itinerary
  16. Chicago Travel Guide – 6-Hour “Layover” Chicago
  17. Columbus, Ohio Travel Guide – Family Weekend in Columbus
  18. Columbus, Ohio Travel Guide – Columbus Taco Truck Tour
  19. Delhi Travel Guide – 3-Day Budget Itinerary
  20. Dubai Travel Guide – 3-Day Itinerary & Survival Tips
  21. Dublin Travel Guide - 3 Days in Dublin City – City Highlights, While Eating & Drinking Like a Local
  22. Florence, Italy Travel Guide – Art, Culture & Off the beaten track – 3-Day Itinerary
  23. Helsinki, Finland Travel Guide – 3-Days in Helsinki
  24. Istanbul Travel Guide – Between the East and the West, a 3-Day Itinerary
  25. Johannesburg Travel Guide – Johannesburg/Pretoria: A 4-Day South Africa Tour Itinerary
  26. Lancaster County Travel Guide – 3 Day PA Dutch Country Highlights
  27. Las Vegas Travel Guide - Gaming Destination Diversions – Ultimate 3-Day Itinerary
  28. Las Vegas Travel Guide - Las Vegas on a Budget 3-Day Itinerary
  29. Lisbon Travel Guide – Lisbon in 3 Days: Budget Itinerary
  30. London Travel Guide - An Insider’s Guide to the Best of London in 3-days
  31. London Travel Guide – Low Cost, Luxury London – 3 Day Itinerary
  32. London Olympics Travel Guide - 3-Day London Tour for Olympic Visitors
  33. Los Angeles Travel Guide – Downtown LA 1 Day Walking Tour
  34. Manila Travel Guide – Manila on a Budget: 2-Day Itinerary
  35. Mexico City Travel Guide – 3-Day Highlights Itinerary
  36. Melbourne Travel Guide – A Weekend Snapshot of Melbourne
  37. Melbourne Travel Guide – Magic of Melbourne 3 Day Tour
  38. Milan, Italy Travel Guide – Milan Unknown A 3 Day Tour Itinerary
  39. Moscow Travel Guide – The Very Best of Moscow in 3 Days
  40. Mumbai Travel Guide – 3 Day Highlights Itinerary
  41. New Haven Travel Guide - Highlights: Art, Culture & History 3 Day Itinerary
  42. New York City Travel Guide – 3-Day Amazing Asian Food Tour
  43. New York City Travel Guide – New York City’s Lower East Side, 1 Day Tour Itinerary
  44. New York City Travel Guide – Lower Key, Lower Cost: Lower Manhattan – 1-Day Itinerary
  45. New York City Travel Guide – First Timer’s 2 Day Walking Tour
  46. Oahu Travel Guide – Local’s Guide to Oahu: 3-Day Tour Itinerary
  47. Ohio State Game Day Weekend Unanchor Travel Guide
  48. Paris Travel Guide – Paris 4 Day Winter Wonderland
  49. Paris Travel Guide – 3 Perfect Wandering Days Tour Itinerary
  50. Paris Travel Guide - Streets of Montmartre 1-Day Itinerary
  51. Philadelphia Travel Guide – Two Days In Philadelphia
  52. Prague Travel Guide – Best of Prague – 3 Day Itinerary
  53. Prague Travel Guide – Prague Beer Pilgrimage
  54. Rome Travel Guide – A 3 Day Tour Around Ancient Rome
  55. Rome Travel Guide – Discover Rome’s Layers: A 3 Day Walking Tour
  56. Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) Travel Guide – 3-Day Beyond the Guidebook Itinerary
  57. Saint Petersburg Travel Guide – St Petersburg in Three Days
  58. San Francisco Travel Guide – 2-Day Highlights Itinerary
  59. Santorini Travel Guide – Santorini, Greece in 3 Days: Living like a Local
  60. São Paulo Travel Guide – Sights and Sounds of Sao Paulo – 3-Day Itinerary
  61. Seoul, South Korea Travel Guide – 3-Day Itinerary
  62. Sevilla Travel Guide – Two Day Tour in Sunny Sevilla, Spain
  63. Shanghai Travel Guide – 2 Days in Shanghai: A Budget-Conscious Peek at Modern China
  64. Siena Travel Guide – See Siena in a Day
  65. Sydney, Australia Travel Guide – 3-Day *Best-Of* Itinerary
  66. Tangier Travel Guide – One Day In Africa – A Guide to Tangier
  67. Tbilisi Travel Guide – Weekend Break: Crown Jewel of the Caucasus
  68. Tokyo Travel Guide – 3-Day Highlights Itinerary
  69. Toronto Travel Guide – The Best of Toronto 2-Day Itinerary
  70. Tucson Travel Guide: 3 Days at the Intersection of Mexico, Native America & the Old West 
  71. Washington DC Travel Guide – DC in 4 Days Itinerary
  72. Wellington Travel Guide – The Best of Wellington: 3 Day Itinerary

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